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    Unanswered: cannot insert data in one Field on one SubForm (was "Help Please - Urgent")


    For the Records, im new in the Fórum and to Access DB's

    Im having a problem in a DB recently created, when I try to insert data in one Field on one SubForm, no data can be inserted and a beep occurs, also no error message is displayed.

    I have a Form, with a Subform, and the Field is in the Subform, that SubForm is connected to diferent Tables, but I only get the problem when inserting data to one of the Tables.

    When I insert data directly to the table, in that specific Field, no problem at all.

    Can someone Help me... PLEASE.

    A Portuguese DB Rookie

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    Does any text appear down in the status bar when you try to update the field? Something like "This recordset is not updatable"
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