I am building a quotation builder database, using tables to store seperate data one for the quote itself which may or
may not turn into a sale and an invoice (sales) table. I am trying to build a quotation form that would build up a
quotation report. I intend it to have a customer ID box and under it another text box which would use a dlookup to
search for the customers name but never finds the lookup info i am hoping to retreive.

SO I created a query from the contacts table (which from what i have read is a better and quicker way to go about this)
with a tick to select the company name, customer ID, post code and town, which runs ok.
I have tried to make my company name text box lookup the value of the company name but only reports a name? problem i
know that the column count starts at 0, but no matter which column number i bound the box
to it reports the same problem.

Do you know what I am am doing wrong and can you help me out, I would really appreciate it if you could. As I cannot
move on until i have it cracked.