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    Unanswered: Few Questions..SOS

    I am working on my access database but I have a few problems:

    In a form, I made a button to make another form pop-up. Running the form by itself it works fine. Once I run it through my own program, all the pop-ups go behind the current form I am at.

    After some weird error, a given field transforms into some weird encryption and somehow does not allow me to delete it because it cannot be found by access.

    How can i make it so that one persons data cannot get mixed in with another person's data?

    i've tried to look in the books, and I cant seem to find the answers to any of these...

    thanks in advance

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    Referential Integrity

    Have you tried enforcing referential integrity in the tables? There is also a way to prevent duplicating records. I would need a better idea of what you are trying to do and what you are working with to get more specific though.

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    I'm having a hard time trying to interpret your problem. Can you please rephrase it in more detail??

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    The problem with the popups opening behind the current form can be solved by setting the form's properties to:

    Popup = Yes

    Modal = Yes

    Border Style = Dialog
    Hope this helps!

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