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    Question Unanswered: Split database problems

    I have been operating and supporting an Access 2002 database application that is being served up to anywhere from 15 to 30 people via terminal server and, until recently, it was not split. I know that this is a cardinal sin, but having the users use a replicated database seemed to work very well, with of course every once in a good while having data corrupt. So, I decided to experiment and split it, having an Access frontend and back end. It has had many more corruption problems since that time and I am going to put it back the way it was. My question is, and I think I know the answer to this one but here goes: has anyone else experienced lots of corruption problems in a multi-user environment when everyone uses the same frontend? A long time ago I tried mySQL as a back end but stopped putting any time in on it when every piece of automation that I had in the application (ADODB mostly) caused an error every time that the buttons were pushed--it tried my patience too much. I tell you that so that people don't respond with the obvious answer of why don't you use a client/server database as the back end instead. Also, my dream solution of SQL Server costs money so forget about asking my tightwad bosses for that. All in all, I'm thinking that it's time to seek greener pastures I thank you in advance for you time and your responses.

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    15 to 30 people using the same frontend; I tried that once, 4 clients and the Access slows down to a crawl.

    the PHP MySQL combo punch seems to be a good investment of time.
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    I don't develop anything unless the front and backend are split. But there is a little trick I've learned over the years. First you create the tables in one mdb, and the forms/code in another. As you probably already know, in the front end you create a linked table to the back end mdb. Now here's the kicker. When you open the backend table in design view, then go to View, Properties... you will notice a silly option called "Subdatasheet Name". You will also notice that the default setting is [Auto]. Change this setting to [None] in all your linked tables and your program will be lighting fast. When this option is set to [Auto], it looks for possible subdatasheets, then evetually times out with a linked table. Sometimes it currupts data too! I find that having all the users on the same front end on a terminal server actually increases the reliability, and decreases the chance of data curruption, as the data is not packetized through a network.

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    I have a split database with 4 users. Each user has her own front end. Seems to work OK (two years withut failing).

    I'd really sugest giving each user his/her own front end. It increases the administration time, but does work well.

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    Hi, I have been running a split database via terminal services over 3 remote sites and just added a new one in Thailand (this is where my front end and back end currently live( on a 2k server in Bangkok) My app is an MRP system that runs 4 remote factories/offices Uk/Thailand. I have a front end with approx 50 forms and a back end with approx 40 tables. Everyone looks at the single front end and has been working a dream for over the last 5 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franki
    .... Everyone looks at the single front end and has been working a dream for over the last 5 years.
    I have created a split DB in Access 2003 and want to use a single front end on the shared directory of our network, so I created an MDE file. I created a shortcut for folks to launch the MDE file, but nothing happens when they click it. Even if they navigate to the actual MDE file and double-click it nothing happens at all. However, they can launch the MDB file - which is not the solution I am looking for. Any ideas why the "lockout" on the MDE file? I have not created any users, security levels, groups, at all.

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