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    Unanswered: customizing spell checking built-in window!

    gentlemen, please helPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP??????????

    I have a form and a memo in this form, I want user to check his spelling mistakes prior to saving the record. When I right click the mouse a pop-up window is coming same as the one in MS Word. My question is I want to change this pop up small window for spell checking....

    I want to design one of my own the existing one is ugly!...I want to make small form within that form a text where the wrong words will come there for corrections................. Please if you can help do not hesitate to answer my query..................

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    good luck
    what dictionary are you planning to use?
    how are you planning to handle typos or mistyped letters?

    in my view its never a good idea to roll my own functions, if there is a perfectly capable fucntion already available, especailly if its free, and perhaps more important is familiar to the userbase.

    For me, just becuase its ugly ain't going to cut it for me haveing to duplicate what in effect is a complex utility sub program. Put simply unless you have a really really good reason to roll your own function (or you have many many hours of kicking your heels with nothing better to do), then why bother?
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    I agree with Mary, Mary Quite Contrary! One of the main purposes of Windows and Window based programs is to decrease the learning curve on programs! The word checker in Word is the same as the word checker in your Access app and in every other Access app. That's what it's all about! And don't even get me started about re-inventing the wheel! The wheel should only be re-invented if you're going to do a better job than the last guy, and trust me here. You're NOT going to do a better job on something as complex as this!
    Hope this helps!

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