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    Unanswered: storing latin extended characters

    How can I store "latin extended A" characters in Sybase???

    I am trying to store 'latin extended A' characters in a
    Sybase ASE 12.5.1 database.
    The database is updated through an Access 2000 front end editing tool which can handle the extended latin character set.

    Access connects to Sybase through ODBC and the ODBC version I am using is Once the latin characters have been entered through Access they are translated and stored as different characters in Sybase????

    I know Sybase has a 'univarchar' data type but I'm not sure if this will solve the problem or the solution involves adding an additional character set?

    I have created a test table with a univarchar column but I am unable to write to it as the ODBC keeps failing with the following message:-
    [DataDirect][Sybase wire protocol driver]Optional feature not implemented. Error in parameter 3. (#0)

    please advise


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    iso_1 takes care of extended latin character sets which means you don't need univarchar for these.

    if you insert like

    create table foo (x char(1))
    insert foo values ("")

    This actually gets stored in the database corrcetly. However, when you do an SELECT you may not see the correct character that is because of the character set mapping of the application.

    If you bcp out foo to a file and do an od -x, the character is stored correctly as .

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    Sybase does not store "Latin-extended-A" characters e.g. "Ł" and "ł"


    Thanks for the example. The character in your example "" is part of the "latin-1" character set which Sybase stores correctly. I am having problems with the 'latin-extended-A' character set e.g. "Ł" and "ł".

    I can input these two characters through an Access front end but then Sybase translates them into something different. When I try to retrieve them using a query I get "" instead of "Ł" and "ł" ??

    Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

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