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    Unanswered: Access Crashes Filtering a Linked SQL Table on a date field

    I have an MS Access 2002 application that is distributed to a number of PCs around our office. The data for this application is stored on a central SQL Server that is linked in through ODBC.

    This application has been in place for two years and working fine. We recently formatted and restored a PC, and now that particular PC has issues with the Access application.

    Every time it tries to filter one of the linked SQL tables on a date field, Access goes unresponsive and GPFs out. If it's in a query that is behind a report, I get the old standard 'Catastrophic Failure'. If I open the table and right-click filter or run a query manually, Access GPFs.

    I've tried recreating the ODBC, linking the tables through TCP/IP as well as Named Pipes. Nothing fixes it. All Windows and Office updates have been applied. This is not the first time we've reformatted a PC in the office, but we've never had this issue.

    Has anyone run across this before?



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    What is the operating system on the new PC?
    Is is connecting directly to the network?
    What is the SQL Server ODBC driver version #?

    The other thing I would do is find the developer that designed the application in Access and smack him in the back of the head for trying to develop a multi-user application in Access.

    There are many many other alternatives that would work better and be much much faster.

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