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    Unanswered: ASP page in IEv6 goes blank for 3 seconds while retrieving data from database.

    When accessing our web site over a dial up connection, users in remote locations without high speed Internet say that every time a page is refreshed IE6sp2 goes blank (white) for 3 seconds then the page appears. Our application refreshes every 60 seconds, so this is quite annoying.

    This is a simple ASP/Access database application that flies over normal conditions, but we need to tailor it to dialup, wifi, and satellite users where speed and latency are considerable factors.

    The paged recordset is 20k and it's all text, no graphics.

    At best, I'm trying to make only the updated data appear and not have the screen blink at all. Also, the vertical scroll bar disappears and reappears as well. It makes our great application appear clunky and cumbersome.

    I thought maybe preloading the text before it displays would help. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I tried playing with the cache settings in IE, but this didn't help at all.
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    ajax if i remember right can solve your problems. i have a chat that was written in asp and refreshesh every x seconds (multi frame) and it does not show as a refresh it just adds the new information to the bottom. the only issue i remember is that it will move you back to the bottom if you were scrolled else where

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