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    5 - FileMaker and Lasso Hosting on Dedicated Xserve, Linux and Windows provides dedicated servers for hosting web sites, database applications and hosting resellers using Apple Xserve, RedHat Linux and Windows 2003 Enterprise Server platforms. Complete server control with remote desktop, 30 day trial available on all hosting and server solutions. Advanced enterprise solutions including branded datacenters for your business, failover/disaster recovery and thin-client computing.

    Please visit or write us at for more info or to get started. Telephone +1 (562) 252-7624 in Orange County, CA., +1 (212) 537-0125 in New York, NY. or +44 (0207) 933 4058 in London, UK

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    this type of posting belongs our Marketplace forum, to which it is now being moved | @rudydotca
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