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    Unanswered: Store the GDG creation date in DB2 Table column


    I need store the GDG creation date through CObol program in a db2 table column. How can i do this.

    I am copying the GDG records in a DB2 table and i want to store the GDG creation date in one of the DB2 table column for all the records.

    The overall scenrio is:
    I am using the DB2 cobol program to map the input copybook with the DCLGEN generated copybook. The program moves the records and then finally through LOAD JCL i am loading the data in table.

    Now i want to include the GDG creation date as one of the column value for all the records while i move the records from GDG to the new DCLGEN generated copybook as an input for LOAD JCL.

    How to get the creation date in cobol program for the GDG version that is the input file for the program?

    Please advise and its urgent.


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    According to a reply on the IBM COBOL forum ( it seems to be impossible to obtain the GDG creation date directly, unless it's stored (manually) in the GDG header.

    A related post ( about data set size seems to indicate the same: you need to use external tools, possibly called from within COBOL, to get at those dataset features.
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