I have trouble with very basic Oracle 9 TSPITR, no frills at all.
Here's my scoop
oradim -new -sid aux
set ORACLE_SID aux
Sqlplus> startup nomount

set ORACLE_SID ora9
rman target="/" cmdfile="do_backup"
sqlplus> select dbms_flashback.get_system_change_number()
<Remember that>

// do tablespace mucking stuff

set ORACLE_SID aux
rman> connect target /@ora9
<connected to target database ora9 ID=x>
connect auxiliary /
<connected to auxiliary database nomount>
restore tablespace my_tablespace until scn X

Skipping datafile n; already restored to file c:\path

What am I missing, why does it think it already restored it?
Should I set up a listener for the aux instance, so I can keep ORACLE_SID as ora9 and connect to auxiliary via /@aux?
Should I used a recovery catalog?

I get the same error if ORACLE_SID = ora9 and I try restore without specifiy auxiliary.
If I take the tablespace offline, the recovery does something but then says it needs recovery when I try to bring it back online again.

I got it to say 'not connected to auxiliary database' once, but I forget how I did that.

Any help would be appreciated.


- John.Todd@ca.com