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    Unanswered: New method to upgrade to ASE15

    Hi all,
    i applied that approach when migrating ase12.5 to ase15- try it

    1-Quiesce the database to a manifest file
    quiesce database for_upgrd hold testdb
    for external: dump to “d:\data\db_manifest.mfst” with override

    2-Copy the devices using disk copy commands, or file explorer to the new destinatin.
    3- When the device copy is finished, release the quiesce by a SQL statement similar to:
    quiesce database for_upgrd release
    4- If this is the final upgrade , shutdown old ASE to prevent further changes.
    5- Move the device copies to the new host machine and mount them using mount command(for more detail see ref manual).
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    i got that approach from one of sybase seminars

    pls , for all using ASE15 , try ownloading the new EBF bug fix from sybase download site. there is a new one at june 2006, and upgrade ase15.

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