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    Unanswered: Language for a front-end

    OK, I read at the "Must Read before posting" that I shouldn't post a general question, therefore I 'll do my best.

    I am interested into finding the best language to code front-ends for DB2. Rephrasing it, I wonder which is the most prefered language for it among developers. An analog for MySql would be Php, for instance.
    More about this question: does it differ if we have in mind that we want it to be a cross-platform thing?
    I notice that DB2's tools are mainly written in Java, does this conclude that Java would be the best or the easiest or the closer to the back-end language?

    I hope that the above will be the cause of a profitable discussion around it.


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    It is my feeling that one rather chooses the language based on the application in mind, not the fact that DB2 is being used "inside".

    For example, for webserver applications I'm most often using Perl, while for more batch-oriented programs I use either C (for shorter programs) or C++ (for more complex programs).

    The only DB2-bound reason for preferring (say) C with embedded static SQL over Java (with dynamic JDBC) could be the possible advantage of a single bind at compile time: a slight performance advantage, and possibly a better isolation of authorizations (binder versus executor).
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    DB2 front-end tools are written in Java for portability (they need to run on many platforms) and has nothing to do with the how the database engine works.
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