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    Unanswered: MySQL 5 fully backwards compatible??

    Hello everybody

    I guess the subject title pretty much sums it up. I`ve had some problems getting MySQL 5 to work with an application I`ve written using MySQL 4.1 and Visual Basic 6. I haven`t changed anything in my application so I expected it pretty much to work!!

    Any ideas??

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    yes, i know of at least one application (can't recall which one it was, though) written with very sloppy SQL that throws errors in mysql 5

    mysql 5 is more stringent with regard to enforcing standards

    the scenario involves mixing table list syntax (e.g. FROM table1,table2,table3) with a LEFT OUTER JOIN | @rudydotca
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    Here is a link to the changes between 4.x and 5.x -

    Only items on the incompatible changes list should cause you problems and require corrections to your logic.

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