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    How do you begin vb i've expermeted with a few languages an they're pretty difficult so i found out about vb but don't know how to use it so i would be happy if anyone can help me.

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    If you mean VBA, then one good way to learn is to turn on the recorder and do something, then stop the recorder and read the file in VBE. I still use that frequently to get ideas on how to handle certain topics.
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    How to ask a question on forums

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    When you post, post a topic that describes what your looking for, most people wont read something if they dont know what its about.

    I would suggest just asking people for code to do blah, and then just steping through the code. i would also suggest getting a book on vba, that is the best way as you begin from the begining and dont end up having chop suei knowledge ( Like me !!)

    VBA isnt hard at all and i have rarely had a question that wasnt answered here on on microsofts boards.

    I would also suggest start reading every post. there is more here than you will find in a book.

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    Those are good suggestions. I think the best thing for a beginner is to get a book on the subject that covers the basics. It is easy to get started doing some things by trial and error without understanding the fundamentals. Not having the basics will limit your ability to develop advanced creative solutions.

    "Excel Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step" Reed Jacobson, was one of the first books I read.


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