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    Unanswered: Some Sample Games

    I'm usually in the MSAccess forums (since I'm basically a VBA programmer at heart) but decided to convert some of my MSAccess games I designed into Visual Basic (version 6). Since I'm not a VB guru and these are my first VB projects, please be kind on any critizism (I've never taken a VB class). It took me about 2 days to convert them from vba to VB (only thing is, I haven't figured out how to connect them to database tables yet to store the high scores and I didn't want to use MSAccess tables.) My question is - is Visual Foxpro used for Data tables in VB projects so other users don't need MSAccess on their machines or what is used to hold data tables where someone doesn't need SQL Server or MySQL, etc, to store data such as the user's high scores? I really wanted to make these true stand-alone exe's where the user doesn't need to have some kind of database program. I also included the source code as well as the executable files but I didn't spend any time on documenting the code (it's probably sloppy to any VB programmers). The dice game is kind of fun though and I enjoy playing it myself. I'm also working on a Simon type game but I need to store the sequences in some sort of data table (and I want to keep it stand-alone without the user having to have MSAccess, SQL Server, etc.). Thanks in advance for any help.
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