I couldn't find anything anywhere which compares Progress and 4GL against SQL Server and VB/VBA. I come from a SQL Server environment and my new job uses Progress/4GL (on Unix). From what I've seen so far of Progress, I don't like at all. I really hate working with *.st and *.db and *.d1/*.d2/*.d3 and AI files. SQL Server seemed so much easier. And none of the Progress databases are normalized - they all have 3-4 fields linking each table together. Including the 4GL application written by a company called Infor. All I've been able to find on the web is references to read about what's good about Progress and what's good about SQL Server and some cost comparisons. Does anyone have any opinion on Progress and 4GL coding versus SQL Server and VB/VBA coding or know of a specific place I can find a side-by-side comparision. I'm told at my new company that 4GL is much easier to program in and they are VERY Pro-Progress/4GL and Anti-SQL Server/MSAccess. (Give me MSAccess any day over 4GL programming). I'm often quoted "Anything SQL Server/MSAccess/VB can do, Progress/4GL can do!" I can't even simply click on and open a Progress table and look at the data without writing some 4GL code to return the records (God forbid I want to resort the recordset) - Their response - "why do you need to see the data in the tables?" ????. I currently have an ODBC connection and link the Progress tables into MSAccess (which took me a month to get working). To make matters worse, we don't even use the GUI for Progress and have different versions of the Progress Windows versus the Progress Unix version. Now we're going to upgrade Progress 9.1D to OpenEdge 10 (same db server/company). I'm also surprised that a company like Infor designed their 4GL application to use Progress tables which aren't even normalized. Does anyone know the real scoop on Progress/4GL and ammo I can use to show (what I believe) that SQL Server/VB/MSAccess are better products? Not that it would do any good at my company but I'd at least like the real scoop since I'm just learning Progress/4GL and hate what I've seen so far. Commerce Connect and EDI (Progress/Infor) seems to be the big deal. Oh - there's also RoundTable which is such a greatttt code management software for Progress/4GL code (of course non-GUI). Where can I find the real scoop?