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    Red face Unanswered: Help me please...

    Hello, my Dears!
    I'm new in dBForums. I'm using Corel Paradox 3.5/5.0/9.0
    I have a book for 3.5 & Programming Book for 9.0 but I Need a Book for Paradox 5.0. But I cannot fin it out (I want to get it free). Please if anyone have a book or knows link to free book say me....I need it.


    My Dears,
    How can I download (from where) PARADOX 10 (no RunTime; just Paradox 10)....???

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    If you have a book for Paradox 9 you should be good to use this with Paradox 5, the differences between 9 and 5 I don't believe are huge.

    Items that are in 9 or 10 and not in 5 for certain are:

    - StringLists
    - Graphic / Text filters
    - HTML publishing
    - Web OCX for web development
    - Print enhancements


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