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    Unanswered: how to Select current client IP Address using T-SQL command ?

    I have problem to find Current IP address for client computer that have a connection to Specific DataBase Server .I can only know the IP Address of DataBase Server but not current client user IP address that I am seeking to find it
    ,How can I do this by using T-SQL command?
    Please write full T-SQL code .
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    well, u can use xp_cmdshell 'netstat -an' .Thats a way to see the client ip address.But I would like to hear better answer than this one.
    To find server ipaddress see this link
    and to store ip address in tables see this link
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    You can get host name using TSQL....

    declare @host as varchar(20)
    SET @host = (select host_name())
    select @host

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