I am a having a little trouble with the Reporting Services on one of our new database servers. I did the whole prerequisite setup starting with IIS, front page server extensions, ASP.Net, Visual Studio.Net etc… and that went OK. I installed Reporting Services to run under a domain account just like on one of our other servers.

When one of our report writers goes to deploy reports from Visual Studio she is getting the following error…

“The permissions granted to user 'domain\user' are insufficient for performing this operation.”

So to start eliminating possibilities (and this is just a development box) I gave her full control on Inetpub and then on the ReportServer folder and then on the whole Microsoft SQL Server folder. Then I gave her windows auth access to the ReportServer and the ReportServerTempDB databases. I used the sysnternals file monitor while she was trying to deploy the report and I came up with no permissions errors. I moved the database and login info she is using to the new server and we changed the connection in the report. When I ran a sql server trace while she was trying to deploy the reports and it seemed to be rolling back the transaction after it tries to run a stored procedure called objectsexists with an empty path variable and the auth variable is set to 1.

I am stuck and I have spent way too much time on this.