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    Unanswered: Size of Database after deleting data

    Hello, my name is Franz and this is my first thread here in this forum.
    The reason for my posting is as follows:

    We have an Oracle Database connected to a SAP R/3 System and due to Outsourcing of 4 Company Codes, the remaining Company Codes have to be deleted from the copy of the original Database.
    This is done with SAP tools and is basicly not a difficult task.
    After tis step is done, the Database with the 4 Company Codes left, has to be migrated to new Hardware.
    Problem now is, that after deleting the Data from the Database, the Size is still as big as the original Database with all the Data!
    What can be done to reduce the size of the Database so that it can be migrated to a new, smaller Hardware?

    Thank you very much in advance


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    1. Have you tried resizing your datafiles, they wont shrink automaically.
    2. If your data is fragmented and resides resides at the end of your datafile then you will have to reorg the tables and indexes (using exp/imp, or alter table move/alter index rebuild etc).
    3.If your going to migrate the data to a new database then you will find your new database will be smaller as the data isnt fragmented.

    NOTE this assumes your data has really been deleted and not logically deleted (i.e. still exists but with a flag indicating its deleted).


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    Hi Alan,

    thank you for your fast reply.
    Your hints are very valuable to me.


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