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    Unanswered: MDE application crashes when printing

    Hi folks,
    I have an MDE application (Office 97 development tools) which is working OK in all respects except;
    1) on some PCs in our office the MDE will crash with 'Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close" (showing the screenshot attached).
    2) but... works fine on any PC with full MS Access installed.
    3) only happens on one particular report (print preview is OK but if you alt-P to print... it starts to print then it crashes). Always crashes - i.e. not an occasional problem.
    4) I can't seem to see what the difference is between the PCs it works fine with and the PCs that it crashes with.
    5) makes no difference which printer you select.
    6) all our PCs use Windows XP Pro (SP1 or 2), all PCs use AVG anti-virus.

    I have tried the usual "repair + compact" before making the MDE. Also, I have managed to 'decompile' and then 'recompile' but it didn't help.

    Perhaps I will have to 'delete the report' and 're-create the report' to get around the problem... but I'd rather discover what the real problem is.

    Many Thanks for any comments or suggestions

    Andy Keys, IT Manager,
    Lakeside Food Group (UK).
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    My only thought is the report's margins or paper size. When you design a report it uses the printer you are using to determine the minimum margins you need and the maximum paper size. I have printers that can handle 11x17 (Ledger) but once you put it on another system that doesn't have access to a printer like the one you developed on, Access will try to change the paper size. The same with margins. If a printer can print to within 1/4" of the paper's edge but the printer the user has access to cannot, then Access will adjust the report accordingly.

    Do your users have access to the same printer you developed for? Do they get a message that says, "Printer blah is not available reformatting for Printer blah2" or something like that?

    Is there anything special about the report? Very wide, duplexing, different page, columns, etc.

    Otherwise, the only other thing I can think of is corruption in the report object. Create a new report and copy all of the controls to it and see if the new report has the same problems.

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    Problem solved... I think.

    Thanks for your suggestions DCKunkle.

    I also suspected something related to page size or margins but I have many similar reports and the others work fine. Your comment about 'possible report object corruption' led me to have a try at re-building the report and, while doing so, I realised that I was using an embedded sub-form at the beginning of the report (not many of my reports have that).

    I have replaced the 'sub form' with a 'sub report' instead... and it seems to work OK on all my PCs now !

    I wonder why it previously worked on some PCs and not others ?
    Best Regards
    Andy Keys

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