Background info:

This is related to the problem that I posted here:
but it was enough different that I thought I should start a new thread.

I have a report that has a main report with headers grouped by job number and a detail for each job number that is a sub-report listing the open po's for the corresponding job number.

The sub-report data source is a query that combines a couple of tables and filters out based on record value. The main report is filtered by a list of job numbers chosen on the form that runs the report.

The problem I am having is taking the dollar amounts for the open po's that are only listed in the sub-report and using these in the main report. I got around the last problem by moving everything to the footer of the report and that worked ok.

The specific problem I am facing:

When a job number does not have any open po's the sub report does not have any records and the link from the main report breaks. (the current link is =subrptOpenPO.Report!TotalOpenPO ) where TotalOpenPO is the text field holding the sum of the individual PO amounts.

When the job has open po's everything works just fine.

I would like to be able to capture the situation where the sub report comes back empty but I cannot make it work. I have tried using onNoData but it does not trigger even if the sub-report is coming back blank.

I would be happy to deal with it in code if I can find the trigger point to capture the event.

Thanks for the help!