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    Unanswered: differences between Oracle users

    I asked our IT department who admins our Unix Oracle installs to create me an Oracle user with DBA privileges so I connect to Unix Oracle, create my tablespace and do my thing.
    The account unix_me was created and I can do the following
    sqlplus > grant select on "SYS"."COL$" to different_user
    grant succeeded

    I admin my own Windows Oracle install, I tried
    sqlplus> create user me identified by mypass;
    sqlplus> grant dba to me with admin option;

    connect my/mypass
    sqlplus> grant select on "SYS"."COL$" to different_user
    insufficient privileges

    This is presumably because 'unix_me' has grant select on any, or something and 'me' does not.

    But my question is how do I tell what privileges/roles each user has so I can compare them?


    - John
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    Try querying user_role_privs, user_sys_privs, user_tab_privs and user_tab_privs_recd; perhaps you'll find something in there.

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