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    Unanswered: XML (XBRL) validation with DB2 7.2 OS/370 or Express-C ?

    Is it possible to perform a validation on a XBRL document using DB2 7.2 OS/370 and/or DB2 Express-C (viper)?

    We will receive (and must provide) XBRL documents in the future with our partners. XBRL is a specific XML schema for financial information. So DB2 should be able to validate the correctness of the XBRL files/data we will receive.

    I did some XML tests on DB2 8.1 LUW on my previous job. I don't know if DB2 on our mainframe can do the validation. If not, I was thinking of doing the validation on DB2 Express-C, and then load it into DB2 on the MF if the data turns out to be OK, untill we have a more recent version of DB2 on the MF.

    Migrating to a newer version of software on a MF seems to go a tiny bit slower than on other platforms.
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    As I understand it from the documentation on the XML Extender for DB2 v7.2, XML validation has several limitations, and uses a DTD, not a Schema.

    Hence I would propose to validate the XBRL files outside DB2.

    With Viper the story should be different, but I've not yet tried out the XML support in v9 so I cannot comment on that...
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