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    Unanswered: Make table query to execute every 5 minutes

    I want to execute one make table query which has to put the data into MS Access table from linked MS SQL Server database based on group by clause, every five - ten minutes.

    I have huge MS SQL Server database, I linked it to MS Access database (one linked table). I made another table in MS Access which would be the destination table for mentioned make table query. The make table query should be executed against MS SQL Server database every 5 - 10 minutes.

    Already have everything but the timing mechanism. I do not think it can be achieved using macros. Only Visual Basic.

    Anybody has experience with something like this?

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    Have a try with the OnTimer-property.

    To run a macro or event procedure when this event occurs, set the OnTimer property to the name of the macro or to [Event Procedure].

    See also the help file of MsAccess.


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    Here you go:

    Sub Form_Load()
    Me.TimerInterval = 300000 'Five Minutes (1000/sec)
    End Sub

    Sub Form_Timer()
    Place your Macro call here
    End Sub
    Hope this helps!

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    i always found it was easier to run a batch file from a scheduler...

    start /w msaccess.exe c:\database.mdb /x "MacroName"

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    Timer, timerinterval, are there just for this reasons.

    I tried using them, but there's a lack of good examples at Internet.

    Anybody found good practice sites having examples about this?

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    Nope - but so long as you are comfy with code and events you will do fine.

    You have two things to think about -
    OnTimer event fires everytime the timer "goes off"
    TimerInterval (in milli seconds) is how long between timer events (where 0 turns the timer off entirely).

    So - as missinglinq put it - set your timer interval to 3000 and your timer event will fire every 5 mins.

    Not much more to it You can look at the Access VBA help entry but you won't find much more there.
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