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    Unanswered: Access-like Automation in SQL Server 2005?

    I'm a newbie to SQL Server, trying to make the leap from Access because I'm starting out grow it for my needs. I have a lot of automation stuff in Access where it does a query/code driven process for us via a macro. Sometimes the output is a report, or a form with assembled data that we use. I'm wondering if SQL Server 2005 is capable of doing automation of processes like these as well. Even if it's not necessarily a macro, something I can program, compile and have use off of my SQL Server database to do the tasks that the Access macro did.

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    This is one of those sticky kinds of questions...

    SQL Server has lots of tools/toys. You can automate all of them, with varying degrees of effort. It depends on what tools you are using, and what results you want to achieve.

    You can actually use SQL Server in place of Jet and continue using Microsoft Access. Jet is the default database engine provided with Microsoft Access, but the Microsoft Access GUI can actually use any ODBC database engine.

    Micrsoft Access presents a "one stop shop" with environment, data engine, etc all in one package. Microsoft SQL Server provides more powerful data storage/management/manipulation tools, but little or nothing in the way of "front end" tools. SQL Server is much better for the "heavy lifting" of your data, but it really doesn't provide anything in the way of a user interface.


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