Can anyone help,

I have a crystal report that runs against a query held in a SQL database.
This report is called through VB.

My problem is that the report runs very slow when called through the code.
Yet when:
1: i run the query in enterprise manager
2: i open the report in crystal reports

They all run instantly !!
But when called through the code it takes around 17 seconds to run, and then 17 seconds every time you click through each page.
My code is as follows:

    Dim CRXApplication As New CRAXDRT.Application
    Dim CRXReport As CRAXDRT.Report
    Dim CRXDatabase As CRAXDRT.Database
    Dim CrDatabaseTable As CRAXDRT.DatabaseTable

    Set CRXReport = CRXApplication.OpenReport(APPConst.DatabasePath & stReport & ".rpt")
    For Each CrDatabaseTable In CRXReport.Database.Tables
       CrDatabaseTable.SetLogOnInfo APPConst.Server, APPConst.Database, APPConst.User, APPConst.DatabasePassword
    Set CRXDatabase = CRXReport.Database
    SQL$ = "Select * From " & stTable
    SQLRecs.Open SQL$, cn, adOpenStatic

    CRXDatabase.SetDataSource SQLRecs, 3, 1
    Dim crpParamDefs As CRAXDRT.ParameterFieldDefinitions
    Dim crpParamDef As CRAXDRT.ParameterFieldDefinition
    CRXReport.EnableParameterPrompting = False
    Set crpParamDefs = CRXReport.ParameterFields
    For Each crpParamDef In crpParamDefs
        With crpParamDef
            Select Case .ParameterFieldName
            Case "DateFrom"
                .SetCurrentValue DateFrom
            Case "DateTo"
                 .SetCurrentValue DateTo
            End Select
        End With
    crViewer.Height = 9400
    crViewer.Width = 14900
    crViewer.Top = 50
    crViewer.Left = 50
    crViewer.EnableGroupTree = False
    crViewer.EnableRefreshButton = False
    crViewer.EnableSearchControl = False
    crViewer.ReportSource = CRXReport
    crViewer.Visible = True
The report i am refering to does not have any parameters to pass down, so it does not use the parameters loop.

Any advice would be appriciated on how to open a crystal report correctly based on an sql database.