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    Hi, Just registered

    Hi, i have a question on reindexing.
    In our app we use dbase4 databases with .cdx indexes.
    With multiple users the indexes get corrupted sometimes and the users need to do a reindex (we have a function in the app for that).
    But what we really would like is for the app to indicate when the indexes are corrupt.
    Right now we use the filters (if a filter can not be set the index is probably wrong) or we use an orderkeycount, which counts the db entries for the different orders of the db. If the index is off, this sometimes produces different numbers. So we check this to give a message reindexing should be done.
    But sometimes corrupted db's slip through these checks, and that causes problems.
    Anyone have a good idea to figure out if the indexes are wrong?
    (O yeah, and maybe in what section i should have posted this question?)
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