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    Unanswered: Dropping Tables in ASP

    I all ready have a connection open to a database. I know I have write access to it, because I've ran a Select INTO query and it populated the table. What I'm needing to do it delete the table. I know the command is DROP TABLE <table_name> but that doesn't work. It throws me out of my program. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Sometimes we wish to get rid of all the data in a table. One way of doing this is with DROP TABLE, which we saw in the last section. But what if we wish to simply get rid of the data but not the table itself? For this, we can use the TRUNCATE TABLE command. The syntax for TRUNCATE TABLE is

    TRUNCATE TABLE "table_name"

    So, if we wanted to truncate the table called customer that we created in SQL CREATE, we simply type,

    TRUNCATE TABLE customer
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    You might not have DROP access. Just because you can SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE from a table doesn't mean you can DROP the table.

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