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    Unanswered: Script to log/record the users who accessed my database


    I am hosting my database on a third-party Microsoft SQL server. The guest user is "Off". But, I am not sure if any one else is accessing/viewing/editing my database contents.

    Can I know/log/record the users/logins who are viewing/accessing my database. Is there any script or any exisitng machnism which can be used to track these users.

    Also, are there any things that I should take care with my database from outside users.


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    The only way I can think of to log user access (especially read access) is to constantly run a Profiler trace. This will very likely not be possible on a third party server, even if you have admin access to the server.
    A lesser option is to have the third party turn on login successful auditing, which will put an entry in the errorlog every time someone logs into the server. This will not tell you what database they log into, nor will it tell you what they did there.

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