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    Unanswered: Insert/ Update/ Delete slowness.

    SQL2K sp4

    Howdy all. I opened a 200 mb. file in Query Analyzer that is full of Inserts/ Updates/ and Deletes. I tried just to parse it, and killed it after 18 hours. There is no blocking. All of the appropriate indexes exist. I even removed them and retried JIC. The box is plenty powerful for this task. Does anyone have any ideas?
    I've tried several times with no luck. At the top of the file is SET IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS ON and then every 10,000 statements is COMMIT WORK. I've tried adjusting the number of commits to a lower number with no luck. This works fine on smaller files (3 - 20 mb).
    Thanks in advance.

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    Can you give a sample of the statements this script is running?
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