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    Unanswered: Need help adding two fields

    This is more than likely simple for a lot of people out there but it has me stumped. I have a form that has a two combo boxes with dates in both ( so the user to pick from and to dates) now I am always going to be adding more dates as time progresses. I need two things I need to know how to automatically add the new dates to the drop down as I add them to the table and I need to know how to have the Form dates together no matter what the user chooses.
    For example I am going to (once a week) be adding a new table (or just adding the data to the original form not sure which is the best way). The end user is going to pick 06/24 (to indicate the end of the week) in both forms or 06/24 in the from box and 07/01 in the to box. In all situations I need the next form to add the data together.
    Sorry for the long post but didnt know how to state it any simpler.

    I am using Windows xp and Access 2002
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    This looks more like a GUI problem (for MS-Access ?)
    Are you sure this question belongs in the DB2 list?
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    You are correct sorry for the post

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    I am aggree with them

    I think you can handle by your front end
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