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    What database to choose??

    Hi all, first time poster here, and somewhat new to the IT/Database world.

    I'm a summer intern at a company, where the department that I currently work in runs a FoxPro version 7.0 system as a database and as a reporting tool that is no longer being supported by the company I work for (an upgrade is NOT an option). There are only a handful of users, and only 2 people who can acutally program on it. I have been assigned a project to explore the possibility of a replacement for this FoxPro System.
    These are the spec's/requirements that I need:
    1. 4-5 users
    2. able to retain more historical data- we pull in around 5GB/month from various systems in the company in different formats.
    3. Ability to create various reports for department (Ad hoc reporting)
    4. Uses SQL to query language

    In the research that I have already done it appears that the logical solution is a SQL server 2005 and a VS.NET solution. It is widely supported by the company I work for and is used by several other departments, and getting support on it would be rather easy.

    What do you think? Is this a good solution? Are there any other options that any of you would recommend? Lastly, If SQL server is the option, which version (Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise)?



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    Which one?

    First, thank your lucky stars that you will not have to do this in FoxPro. I'd rather not discuss FoxPro in the forum but I am available privately at

    Second, find a copy of "Database Design for Mere Mortals", by Hernandez, and go do a little interviewing. Unless, of course, you're already using Mr. H's book.

    Third, I like your solution. Use the one that will be easy for the organization to support.

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