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    Unanswered: Userdatabase "f2w"

    I was pleased to learn something about this Database, but Im an absolutly SQL Noob, I get along withe the administration Tool from the originaly PostgreSQL
    which you can find at the developer page, but I dont get along with the "install guide" which you can find at

    How can I include easy some *.sql files into a PostgresSQL database?
    Is there a Instruction to do this ?

    You maybe need to know, that Im working with the Windows version of all this stuff.

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    Are you saying you want to STORE SQL files inside your database?

    Or are you saying you want to execute sql files against your database (to create tables, etc.?)
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    im not to familiar with the windows version, but I believe there is a 'psql to postgres' option under your start-postgres options.

    from the command line you can use the psql \i option to load a .sql script you have written.

    so it would be \i <path to file\file.sql>

    i'm guessing thats what you mean.

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