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    Unanswered: Change varchar size of existing column

    Hello! How do I change the varchar size of an existing column? Here's what I'm trying but doesn't work:

    ALTER TABLE smp.candidato ALTER COLUMN txt_endereco TYPE varchar(100)

    I get this error when I try that:

    ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "TYPE" at character 53

    I also tried without the words TYPE, COLUMN, no joy!
    The column is currently varchar(70), and I want to change it to varchar(100) without losing its data! Please help!

    PostgreSQL 7
    PgAdmin III 1.2.1

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    PostgreSQL 7 doesn't allow you to alter an existing column's size attributes.

    You'll need to do several steps.

    • Alter the table to add a new temporary varchar column with size 100.
    • copy the data from existing varchar column to the new temp column.
    • Alter the table to drop the existing 70 character column.
    • Alter the table to add the old column name with a size of 100 characters.
    • Copy the data from the temp column to the new column
    • Drop the temp column.

    Beginning with pg version 8, you can directly alter an existing column.
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