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    Question Unanswered: Noob at DBs with important Q

    Some one told me that MySQL will be the best and fastest way to go i f i need to rapidly show info or answer queries to users over the net.

    My 2 important Q's are:

    1. Is this true?
    2. What should i use or how should i go bout linking the DB to a web site to answer queries to various users at the same time.
    3. I know i said 2 but now that im here , what program should i use to make the DB.
    4. Last one... promise if i need this done fast will be better to pay some one to do it or i would be able to learn it fast?

    Thank in advance foe any light any one could bring to me regarding this issues

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    1. Should be as most use it. I dont know if MySQL is used by corporate companies. I read that Google uses MySQL for their search data. PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server are 2 other good ones.

    3. Again, PHP is the most common one. Though there are others like ASP .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl.
    MySQL 5.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by anjanesh
    I dont know if MySQL is used by corporate companies.
    it is then well past time for you to have a quick perusal of these --

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