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    Unanswered: Pervasive 8.6: Multiple Processor Support


    we are using Pervasive SQL 8.6 on a dual/2 CPU(Intel) Windows 2003
    based server.
    Visually checking CPU-load in "Windows Task Manager" during "DB-actions"
    doesen't gives me the impression,that multiple processors are involved
    in working..

    Is there a way to find out if Perasiv does take advantage of multiple CPU's?
    How much does a second processor normally increase "DB-operations?
    (we are are using a mirrored/RAID1 SCSI U320 array)

    Any feedback is appreciated very much. Thank you!


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    PSQL does not specifically take advantage of multiple processors. The OS may shuffle some operations to additional processors though.
    Any performance increases would probably be minimal. Most PSQL DB operations are not CPU bound but I/O bound. That means that the DB is not waiting on the CPU but is waiting for the disk subsystem.
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