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    Need your advise: Table structure for storing information in different languages

    Hi all,

    I will develope an application that have data dictionaries translated to some languages.

    Example of a non-localized table "Thing": thing_id, code, hidden, shortname, longname
    Target: shortname and longname must be represented in many languages

    My variants of the solution:

    Model variant 1 (one table with many columns):
    "Thing" table: thing_id, code, hidden, shortname_en, longname_en, shortname_de, longname_de, shortname_ru, longname_ru

    Model variant 2 (two tables with default language in the parent table):
    "Thing" table in english: thing_id, code, hidden, shortname, longname
    "Thing_Loca" tabl: thing_id, locale, shortname, longname

    Model variant 3 (two tables with language data in the child table):
    "Thing" table: thing_id, code, hidden
    "Thing_Loca" tabl: thing_id, locale, shortname, longname

    My questions:
    1) Do you know about any other models?
    2) Which model would you prefer?
    3) Do you konw any internet resources about this problem?

    Thanks for your answers

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    I think here you need to look at how easy it would be to add another language version to your system. Variant 1 would entail adding more fields to your table. Variants 2 & 3 require no structural changes to the database, just the additional of data. Personally I would favour Variant 3.

    Also you might want to consider adding another table for locale info, which you foreign key link to in your thing_loca table. Depends on whether you want further info on the language in question, eg. dialects, versions of a language (UK english, US english).

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