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    Unanswered: Transfer Data to hostserver MSSQL-2000

    Thanks for the replies,

    As per the querys:
    1) I am trying to use the Database of my host (hosting server of datapacket). They have a support for MS-SQL-2000. Therefore surely the server is there. After my CPanel configuration i got the Database Server IP (67.122.X.X), Port - 1433, SQL Server user and pasword.

    2) In my local machine SQL Server 2000 is installed. Where the databse and DNS is configured.

    Now, from this local machine how can i transfer the data to the host machine (remote SQL Server).

    Simpliy copying Files *.MDG and *.LDf files it is not working. And i don't have access to the remote SQL-SERVER as it is in the host machine of datapacket. I can only configure it throuch there Control Panel and throuch FTP can copy the required files in there machine. I have a user in that remote MS-Sql server that all i have.

    As per my understanding after the control panel configuration the database and the DNS is created in the remote Sql-Server of datapacket. Now all i have to do is transfer the data & tables. HOW TO DO THAT?????

    I have tried using Export but it fails to connet the remote database.

    Thanks in Advance


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    on the wrong server
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    use sp_dettach_db, then ftp the mdf and ldf and then use sp_attach_db.

    alternatively... backup the database, ftp the back up and then do restore using the WITH MOVE, REPLACE and RECOVERY options.

    See BOL for info on the sp_dettach_db and sp_attach_db system stored procedures and the BACKUP and RESTORE transact sql commands.
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