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    Unanswered: report grouping based on shift that happens over two days...

    Hi all. We have this system where we give a barcode scanner to our security guard, and have these barcodes placed throughout the faciltiy. When the guard gets to work, he heads to each station and scans it. This gives mgmt proof that the guard is at work and making his rounds.

    The scanner dumps the data out in the format of a station number, like 00014, and a date/time as 10:00:00 PM 5/25/06 into a text file.

    After importing the .txt file output into access, I can't figure out how to group the data. The guard starts on one day, and finishes the second at 10PM on the 24th and finishes at 6AM on the 25th.

    I need to group this data in a report or something to show the data as stations scanned by 'shift' rather than by day, because of the span over the midnight hour. I thought grouping them by 8 hour increments would do it, but it doesn't seem to group consistently...I'm guessing its because of the lack of scans on the same day between 6AM and 10PM that same day (when the guard ends, and starts the new shift).

    Any ideas? I imagine some VB will be involved, but this is one of my many weak areas.



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    Like idea

    For reporting only Why not minus 8 hours off the Shift time
    just a idea
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Well, we do need the actual time that the person was there.

    I tried the idea of converting the date/time into the integer that you can do operations on, but if you group by 8 hours, it throws it off because there are more than 8 hours between the end time of the first shift and the start of the second.

    Something else I can have the guard do is scan a certain barcode to signify the start of a shift and the end of a shift...can you group based on that?

    Quote Originally Posted by myle
    Like idea

    For reporting only Why not minus 8 hours off the Shift time
    just a idea

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