So Iím a little new to db design and I wanted to run this design past the community and get some input. Theres a particular part that Iím having issues with that Iíll get to shortly. I guess Iíll layout the basic business rules first then detail how I have this database set up. Win 2003 domain; XP systems; using Access 2003 (2000 file format) for the time being.

I work for a small manufacturing firm that produces products for the hurricane protection industry. We wholesale to dealers who sell to home owners for the most part. We have a series of products (Accordian Shutters; Rolldown Hurrican Screen; Direct Mount Hurrican Screen; .. you get the picture).

So what do I want the database to track?
Different products on orders
Specification on those products so I can calculate price and output reports to production.
Order Progression
Scheduling details

Tbl_Order --1---contains--- M--> Openings

Hereís where Iím not sure what to do..

Each opening is protected by potentially many products..
1 product has only 1 specification attached to it (height; width, color. Etc.).

Currently I have:

Tbl_Openings ---1---protected by-----M-- > 10 different tables detailing the specifications for each product.

Something tells me that this is not right. Can anyone offer anything better or point me to a site that might be able to expand my ER layout skills?

Hereís a screen shot of my tables and some relationships..

Let me know if this is not clearÖ Thanks all!