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    Unanswered: need to learn more about secure MDBs (was "First Post")


    I am a retired engineer who is still learning Access. I have created a MIS for a local school and need to learn more about secure MDBs.

    Hope dBforums will help.

    Harold Hauge

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    Simple reply, MS Access is not a secure environment.

    There are ways to secure an Access database to some extent.

    First make a copy of the system.mdw file and rename it. (It's probably a good idea to make a copy of your database at this point).

    Second use the wizard to associate a database with an .mdw file (preferably the renamed one not the system.mdw).

    Third set up new members and groups in the security file. Give one member ownership of everything and remove admin from any access to anything.

    If you can get that far without hassles you might want to come back ot the board for information about the left shift key.

    Or if you're woried about security, build the database with SQL SErver or mySQl or SQL anywhere or something and fron end it with something you can compile like VB6.

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    FAQ for Access 2002

    Thanks for the start.

    I am starting to work thru "Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft® Access Security for Microsoft Access versions 2.0 through 2000" which I downloaded from microsoft. I could not find anything similar for 2002 which the school is using.

    I also purchased, "Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security" by Garry Robinson but it is a bit much for a beginner so I plan to try the FAQ first.

    An other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Don't have much occasion in my Access work to worry about security, but from previous life I know that the first item to consider in any security situation is exactly what type of threat you're securing against. Are you worried about an authorized user wandering into a part of the database they shouldn't have access to? An unauthorized user (but one not bent on doing damage) gaining access to your db and futzing things up? Or a student or outsider gaining access with malice aforethought? If you let us know exactly what level of security you need it'll be a lot easier for the people here to help you!

    BTW, welcome to the forum!
    Hope this helps!

    The problem with making anything that fools are so darn ingenious!

    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    I don't know enough yet to ask a good question. I'll probably have many as I work thur the FQA's.

    I have created a "Students" table with basic data downloaded periodically from a state database (not access) and a number of tables like "SpEd", "GrpProgress", etc tables related to it.

    We plan allow all teachers to have "Read" access to some tables, some teachers to have "Write" access to some, and only some teachers would have access to some tables.

    So I plan to create access security groups that will the desired "rights" and assign Teachers to these groups.

    The forms I created so far seem to be working but I have a lot more development and testing to do.

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