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    Unanswered: Creating a new DB in Express Edition

    Hi All:
    I am exploring Oracle 10g Express Edition (on W2k).
    My question is: How can I create a new DB?. Until now, I can
    only explore HR which is the default database.
    Thanks in advance !

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    I think you mean "schema" and not "database". The installer program creates a database named XE, and inside that database is a schema named HR. To create additional schemas you could use any Oracle tool like SQL*Plus or Database Control, and all you do is create a new user account (because user=schema). However, what Oracle probably prefers over SQL*Plus is that you access the XE "Home Page" on your computer using the shortcut they put on your Win2K desktop, and then click on the Administration link.

    Remember the point of XE is to push Oracle Application Express, formerly HTML DB, which makes it easier to develop apps locked into Oracle, and thus push the rdbms software whose sales have been stagnant for several years. With that in mind, to create a new application schema in your XE database you should probably be using Oracle Application Express.

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    So you mean one can't create a new database other than the XE that's already created?
    This thread, describing how you go about creating your own database. Note though that only one database can run at a time. I am still trying to follow on that thread and create my database.

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    Remidata and Nomthie:

    Thanks a lot for your replies.
    As Remidata told me, I have created a new user account, then I logged
    in with that new user and could create new tables on that new schema.
    Here some new questions about this.

    1) I am from DB2 world, so the structure that I have in mind is.
    Instance -> database -> Schema -> Table.
    So Remidata, with OrXpress I can only create new schemas in existing XE database?

    2) I have read what Nomthie said and what I understood is that I must
    shutdown database named XE in order to have a new one.?
    When I go to SQL Tool and I submit the command:

    "create database oratest" it shows the following errors.

    ORA-01501: CREATE DATABASE has failed
    ORA-01100: database already mounted.

    What does it mean?.

    Thanks in advance....

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    ORA-01501 CREATE DATABASE failed

    Cause: An error occurred during CREATE DATABASE.

    Action: See accompanying errors.
    ORA-01100 database already mounted

    Cause: An attempt was made to mount a database with the name of a currently mounted database.

    Action: No action is required.
    Also, follow this link to check Oracle XE Documentation.

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    You can ONLY use one database in XE, why do you want to make a new database. Simply create a user schema to do all your work. A seperate database is almost NEVER needed.
    You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

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    Thanks Beilstwh:

    That has solved all my doubts. As I see now, I only needed to clarify my concepts and make the correct switch and "knowledge translation" between DB2 and Oracle.

    Thanks a lot for your support.!

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    Thanks you all

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