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    Unanswered: Synchronise two subforms...

    I'm struggling with this, any help would be greatly appreciated...

    I have a main form, with 2 subforms based on exactly the same table.
    Subform1 is in formview, displaying only one record at a time, but with record navigation enabled to move between them or add new.
    Subform2 is the same information but in table view, displaying all records.
    The subforms are not nested, both are on the main form.
    The idea is that subform2 updates in line with subform1 and displays all the records, selecting a record in Subform2 should make subform1 go to the same record.
    (Mainform is CompanyDetails and subform1 and 2 are a list of contact names and numbers within each company)

    Any ideas anyone? I know this should be easy, but have spent hours fiddling.


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    In subform2, in it's Current event set subform1 to goto the same record ...
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    Thanks for the response.
    I've tried to do that using this:

    DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataForm, "Forms![FrmCustomer]![FrmCustomerSub1]", acGoTo, CurrentRecord

    I managed to get it working using "Docmd.Gotocontrol...." first, however that throws up more problems when I then change to a new record on my main form, the whole thing falls over telling me that it cannot go to the control, is there another "go to" function, have I used this with the wrong syntax or do I need to write code to allow for new records etc - if so, any idea how?
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