First, let me apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I hope that it is alright to post this here!

Seattle, WA

OVERVIEW is the accumulation of some of the best digital artists in the world. Konvulse began in mid 2005. It is an entirely custom programmed and designed website for select digital artists to showcase there work. We are a private group, and release ‘packs’ every couple of months, which is a collection of exclusive art from all our artists. Konvulse is currently the largest online private art group in the world. V.2 of the website is in progress, and it will rival the public art community giants such as and Konvulse currently reaches over 7,000 unique visitors a day.

We are currently looking for a programmer to take on the task of programming the second version of the website. The project will be managed well, and you will be told what to do, and there will be no guesswork involved. The design for all pages of the site is already complete, and you will not be responsible for any of the design elements.

This programmer will have no immediate pay for the work done. However, profit sharing in the company of up to 35% will be induced. Meaning that 35% of all money the company makes, for as long as we are using your code, (which should be a very long time) will be yours. This of course will all be official, and in a contract. Currently, Konvulse already has many large companies lined up to buy advertising once we launch version 2 of our website. Konvulse has made a very respectable, popular name for itself in the last year, and many people are awaiting the release of this monumental community. Computerarts Magazine has also promised us a feature once we launch v.2!


PHP/MYSQL Programming
This person will need an advanced knowledge of PHP & mySQL programming. Please provide links to websites you have developed, or a portfolio. You will need to know how to properly secure and debug the code as well of course.

XHTML/CSS Knowledge

Although this person will not be responsible for any of the design work related to this website, they will need to know how to properly insert there coding elements into an existing design, and possibly add div’s and small bits of layout code to fit there programming code inserts.


If you are a self-starter, and would like to be part of something great, this position is definitely for you. We will need someone who is available a decent portion of the week. We do not expect you to be working on the site 40 hours a week, however we do need this done in somewhat of a timely manner.

The site will be a art community with two main member groups, private and public. We will be keeping with a private member group for pack releases, but also opening the site to the public to submit there art, it will just not be in the same 'section' of the website. The site in area's will be similar to and We will be doing some things different, some the same. But the point is is that we will need someone who is capable of most of the type of programming seen on these websites. There are a few advanced features such as DAMN (DeviantART Chat) that will not be needed. However the basic coding such as registration, member groups, award system, comment/fav’s, journals, gallery pages, messaging centers, admin panel, etc. will be needed.

This is not a futile project, and we will rise to the top of the game. Are you with us? Contact me at AIM: iPathik, or E-Mail: to talk about your future with!