Hi Guys

was wondering if anybody had to deal with this

Trying to connect Crystall Reports XI to Informix database using an ODBC

here is the error that I get

Database Connection Error: 'HY091:[Informix][Odbc Informix Driver] Descriptor type out of range. {Database Vendor Code -11072]'

here is the finderr for the number

Descriptor type out of range.

This Informix CLI error code is the same as SQLSTATE value S1091. The following function can return this error code: SQLColAttributes().

The fDescType argument was not a valid descriptor type. Set fDescType to a valid value.

-11072 Descriptor type out of range.

The value specified for the argument fDescType is in the block of numbers reserved for driver-specific descriptor types but is unsupported by the driver. For a list of accepted descriptor types, check the INFORMIX-CLI Programmer's Manual.

Anybody has any clue on what to?

Appreciate your help