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    Unanswered: Missing form when converted to 2003

    We converted an Access97 database to 2003 today. The new db is complaining that it's missing a form, even though I can see with my own two eyes that the form is there. It stops in the VBA code on this line:

    DoCmd.OpenForm "the form", acNormal

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? I was planning on debugging it over the weekend, but don't know what I'll find since "the form" is right there in the new db. There are, of course, no problems with this code or form in the 97 db.


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    Access sometimes has a problem recognizing things right in front of its nose, so to speak. You could maybe try forcing it to recognize it by going into Design View, adding a command button to the form, then deleting the command button. When you go to close the form out of Design View it'll prompt you to save the changes. Click on YES. You haven't really changed anything, and maybe Access will now recognize the form.

    Of course before doing any of this, back up your app!
    Hope this helps!

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    Missing (or corrupt form?)

    Is the form missing or perhaps corrupt?

    1. I had a post once on having 2 versions of Access on the same machine and how you could easily corrupt a form, report, or module via importing it into another mdb (the form was there but I couldn't debug and compile). If you imported the form (or even a report or module), and then made some code changes without IMMEDIATELY debugging after the import, have a beer, you've most likely corrupted the form/report/module you've just imported (only happens when you have 2 versions of Access on the same machine.) You can search for my post on how to fix this as it's not as simple as delete and re-import the form. Rule of thumb: ALWAYS DEBUG AND COMPILE IMMEDIATELY AFTER IMPORTING ANY FORMS, REPORTS OR MODULES IF YOU HAVE 2 VERSIONS OF MSACCESS ON THE SAME MACHINE! - It took me a whole 3 $@#@ months to finally figure out what was going on and how to fix it. Once I removed the old version, new version, and just installed the new version - no probs.

    2. What about the references? Is there possibly something missing in the references in your 2003 version?
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    *** resolved ***

    Here is the resolution for my particular instance of this problem:

    When I imported this form into the new Access 2003 database, I neglected to open the Options portion of the Import Objects screen where I needed to select Menus and Toolbars. What was really missing was the menubar the form uses, not the form itself.

    Thanks to all for your help.

    I have a new conversion problem with a missing form...see my post from this morning!

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