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Thread: Memo problem

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    Unanswered: Memo problem

    Anytime I enter a value for a memo, I have this error which states I have a "write conflict" then gives me a choice to overwrite or cancel changes.
    If I choose overwrite, all values in database give a weird encryption.

    Any suggestions?

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    Any suggestions?
    a tall glass of beer perhaps?

    Is the memo a field in a table? Are you entering the data in a table, query, form or through code? Anything or anybody else in the table at the same time you are? Give us some more details .....


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    That should have been:

    A tall glass of beer?

    This is a multi-user db?
    Hope this helps!

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    Memo field

    Are you using linked tables? If so, simply add a timestamp field into the table (I don't think jet tables have a timestamp field though). We used SQL Server and linked the tables into Access and had the same kind of problem you described. Once I added a timestamp field (i.e. DataType = TimeStamp) into the SQL Server table (and refreshed the tables in Access), no problems.
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