need help in just these couple of issues:

1. In the same project, which has a form "ENTRY FORM" I have used the
fields [invqty], [invprice], [invval], [poqty], [poprice] [poval], where
invval = invqty * invprice.....poval = [poqty]*[poprice].....
I am able to calculate the value, however, the invval is not displayed on the
form unless I save the record. How can I make this work so that I dont need
to exit the record and come back to check the invval. Please help.

2. On the same form, i have field for [STYLE], which looksup for a value from
the STYLE table. I have enabled a macro to open the [STYLE MASTER] Form when
NOT IN LIST. However, after adding the style in the master, It still does not
become available until I save the underlying record on the "ENTRY FORM" and
reopen it. So every time a new style is added, I have to close the form and
reopen it to enter the style. Can you please help.

Thank you..